Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Was It Worth It??

Okay I DO pride myself on being quite the bargain shopper. I have always loved cutting cupons and finding deals. But I have never been much of a THRIFTER.
(there is a BIG difference)
Last Saturday I went with Clarissa around town stopping at different Garage Sale's and Goodwills. And the Saturday before that at Goodwill's with Andrea. I have learned to really loved making someone else's trash, my treasure. I found some really cool stuff and have already done some fun things with them. I'll post "after" pictures soon of some stuff I have been working on, so just watch out!All this for UNDER $20!!!
An awesome picnic table, a kitchen table and chair (that is my new crafting table and we think was also once my in-laws table) some cool jars and box's, a couple of frames, a night stand, a cool iron vanity chair, a jewelry box, a mini cake plate, some jewelry, just to name a few.
Plus (more not pictured)... Clarissa got a really cool old vintage camera for Charmaine, a cute shelf- the kind you usually put above a toilet, and I got a HUGE bag of crafting stuff (thread, batting, fabric, glue... and more!)

I'm pretty proud of my thrifting skills- I'm awesome.

P.S. "Was it worth it" is a total rip-off of Charmaines thrifting posts. I thought I would name it the same just to show her how much I love her and how much I want to be like her!!! :) I'm trying!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Field Trip

Lacy had her first field trip of the year and I think it was overall a success. They went to Jungle Jims. I didn't even know the place still existed. I remember going there for Clarissa's birthday when she was 8 maybe? I don't think I have been there since. Lacy had so much fun riding all the rides. Hugo had fun playin on all the cars, trains, etc. We did have to bail out a little early because the boys starting getting restless but luckily Jamie came to the rescue and took Lacy home for me (so she didn't have to leave early).
I feel so lucky to have such a wonderful network of moms that I know look out for my kids. I love my ward, neighborhood, schools, and especially all the mothers of the kids nearby.
Don't you love that picture of Lacy and Carson in the middle? They are on the mini-roller coaster thing. I think its priceless. Lacy is squealing with joy- Carson looks a little bored. Maybe he is annoyed he has a face full of Lacy's hair :)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Remember Megan?

Remember this post way back in February? Well Megan and Shane finally got picked and got the sweetest little girl just a month or so ago. Her name is Ruby and she is absolutely precious. (read their story here)
Anyways, they have one little boy already and were just blessed with a girl. Well girls are so dang fun and she came so soon, with little preperation, Megan definitely needed a shower! :) Plus I am in love with throwing showers. Shane's Aunt Claudia was fantastic enough to let us do it at her gorgeous home. I had so much fun making cute things and baking the day before. I am so glad she let me do it, it was so fun! I love Megan and her little Ruby, they are adorable!

a couple really random pictures from the night. It was one of the funnest showers I've done or been to in a long time. Set up and clean up was a breeze, it all looked adorable and there was a good turn out with tons of good conversation. I was in need of a girls night! Plus it is so rewarding doing cute things for such wonderful people!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What?? 4am sewing??

So what does all this have in common?

(yes I am aware I look like a man- it was probably about 2 30 am at this point. A couple of hot messes!)
Actually- nothing really. Except that last night while crafting I grabbed the camera and took some pictures of what was going on around my house. Andrea and I decided we would put the kids to bed then she would come over about 830 and we would sew for a bit and maybe watch a movie. I love random spur of the moment craft/girls nights like this. Well if you know me at all, things never go as planned. Andrea showed up at 1130 (she lives just around the corner and we're both night owls, so its no biggie at all) and we sewed, watched part of Marie Antoinette and laughed like little girls until 4am when we decided it was time to quit! It was much needed after a stressful emo evening. I loved every minute of it. Andrea has come into my life at a strage time and I don't think she will ever know how grateful I am for another girlfriend. She is one of a kind and I feel blessed to have a friend like her. (too gushy or weird?? I dont care!)

I love the way the dolls turned out. SOOO CUTE!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hearts to Live By

I told my mom I was going to post about her new blog, then I got on this morning and saw that two of my sisters had done the same.
My mom started an awesome blog of these collections of heart pictures she has taken and cute little stories to go with them. She really should write a book, but I guess this is the next best thing. She did put a little book together a few years ago for my dad for Valentine's Day and she made copies and gave it to each of us kids. I LOVE THIS BOOK.

I don't think she has put this one on her blog yet but it was in her book. I'll write what she wrote to give you a little snippit of her genius-ness.

Love by Chance

You have to look a little harder but it is there. The curl in Jenny's hair and the door knob make a heart. And sometimes that is how love is. You have to look a little harder. Sometimes you have to try and make things work out. You always need to expect to give more than you receive and you have to hope that your love, loves you secondly to the Lord. This picture was taken on Jenny's wedding day as she was getting ready to go to the Temple. I have learned that a man that loves the Lord first is the best husband there is. Because of his love for the Lord he truly understands his role in your life. he is more attentive and cares for you as a daughter of God.

You will be amazed. Pass it on, this is the sort of thing the world needs to see!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Jacks first Beach trip

We decided really last minute to head to San Diego with the Schvanaveldts (thats why I never mention your name because I'm not sure I spelled it right :) to crash Chantal's new place for a Labor Day weekend. We pitched a tent in the back yard and had an absolute blast! THANKS A MILLION FOR LETTING US STAY! We spent most of the time on the beach and it was HEAVEN! The first day we stayed for 8 hours or so and everyone was perfect. I didn't get many pictures at all because we were all having too much fun, but I had to document Jack's first time in the ocean. He loved it! I got a wicked bad sunburn, folded myself in half during a nasty sand-eating crash, and played like a little kid in the waves. I haven't had that much fun on the beach in a looooong time! The whole trip had its ups (adult games, yummy food, late night talks, bonfire, kids on the beach, sand in toes etc. etc.) and downs (crazy kids, two tire blow-outs, painful burns, and getting home at 330 when Shawn has to wake up at 530) but overall it was a much needed super fun weekend.
Thats my boy!

Who can resist this cute face?

the beach was an absolute zoo!! still so worth it!

We LOVE our friends and family!!!