Friday, October 1, 2010


Somebody asked me the other day,
"If you could have the powers of any SUPERHERO, who would it be?"
MARY POPPINS! She can fly, talk to animals, transport herself and her friends to magical places, clean up with songs and a snap of her finger. She can carry anything she wishes in her bag, no matter the size. She can fly and float with laughter and even those around her, weather or not they are magical. She is amazing, and she is so classy and beautiful.
Who's superpowers would you like to possess?


brownymama said...

I want to be Mary Poppins too! And Lacy was so sweet on the phone. I could tell she was so sincere when she said she was sorry. (: You're a great momma!

Anna said...

Amen to that Jenny! Wouldn't we all love to be just like Mary Poppins--I know I would! I love that you thought of that answer because she may not pop in ones mind as a superhero, but boy is she ever! ;)