Friday, October 1, 2010

A lesson on HONESTY

A lot to be said about Lacy lately...
On Sunday we went up to Ryan and Krista's to spend time with the family while Sharon and Don were there, but lucky Lacy got to go the day before with Mimi and have a fun sleepover with one of her favorite cousins, Anna. She had so much fun, Mimi and Krista both said she was perfect, and she begged to go back as soon as possible. On Monday night we were unpacking her backpack when we discovered something odd. It was a beautiful purple crown, a princess doll and a wand. All of which were not Lacy's. We asked her about it and at first she said, "These are Anna's, she's letting me borrow them."
Oh really Lacy?
After a little more talking with her, tears starting running down her face, she said her tummy hurt really bad and that she took them with out asking. She was scared to tell Anna or Aunt Krista because she was afraid they would be so mad that she wouldn't be allowed to come back to their house. She just wanted to drive up there and quietly put them back in her room.
While that is a good idea to return them, that is not the lesson we want her to learn. I always remember hearing in primary or YW about the kid that steals from the convenience store and their parent makes them go back and tell the clerk they are sorry and return it. I was a perfect child and never had anything happen like that :) jk... I had my moments.
So anyways, we taught her about repentance and forgiveness and how Heavenly Father would be very happy with her if she could ask Krista or Anna for forgiveness and tell them how sorry she is. If she could call them up and tell them what she did. She had a hard time understanding that Krista would be proud of her and happy with her for telling the truth and that she wouldn't be mad. She was so scared. She kept saying her tummy hurt. We had to teach her a little about guilt and how you feel sad when you do something you know is wrong.
She finally got the courage to call Aunt Krista and she was very brave and sweet when she told her she was sorry and she would keep the toys safe in her backpack and she would return them as soon as she could. She would never do anything like that again. I was so chocked up and teary watching my little 5 year old so scared and crying doing something so scary for her but I know she learned her lesson.
The next day she came home from school and told me about a girl who got a red card in school (thats bad!) She told me that three of the girls left the class when they weren't supposed to, to meet up with their book buddies in the bahroom (I'm getting the story from a 5 year old... so who knows how accurate it is?). She said they asked her to come but her tummy started to hurt so she said she didn't think they were supposed to do that and she would rather stay in the class where they were supposed to be. She said those girls got a red card and she got a green. I was so proud of her. She is such a rock star! I LOVE HER!!!
Thanks Krista for being so sweet to Lacy and for helping me teach her such a valuable life lesson. I LOVE YOU!


Clarissa B. said...

now im crying! This is so sweet! I am glad you shared this story and wrote it down. You are such a wonderful mother! lacy is so lucky to have you!

Elise said...

This is an awesome story! Great job mom! You are amazing!!