Monday, January 2, 2012


We had planned on going to Prescott early in the week and then celebrate with the Browns on Thursday, but with us just barely out of the hospital we had to reschedule everything. Thankfully it worked out for everyone (well Mom, Ryan and Krista's family, Patrick and Chaz and our family. We missed TJ and Adelia and Kelly and Heather). We had a beautiful breakfast Christmas eve morning at Patrick and Chaz's house. We then opened gifts from each other and sat and visited while the kids played in the front yard.
Later that night we had a quick dinner with the Fullers and opened gifts that night. We were going to do it after church but Logan and Clarissa had to hurry over to his grandparent's so they could talk to Cole, Logan's brother, who is on a mission. It was a last minute switch but it worked out perfectly. Especially because I woke up throwing up Christmas morning. I think it must have been food poisoning because I was the only one hit with it and it left 24hrs later.
Shawn took the kids to church Sunday morning and then him, the kids and my parents came over and we opened presents at home. We had an early dinner with the Fullers, everyone but the Baxters were there. My dad's parents even stopped by. It was a great evening, even though I didn't feel that great.
Monday we had a great day playing croquet and spending a beautiful day outside. We then went to Prescott on Shawn's birthday (the 28th) and spend a few days with his mom and Ryan and Krista. The first half of our Christmas break was pretty tough, but the second week was great!
Our kids made out like bandits and got more toys than ever before. Shawn and I got lucky and got a REAL, grown up, camera!!!
YAY, no more phone picture updates.

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