Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year's wishes

We went to our friend's Ryan and Becky's for New Years eve and had an absolute blast. We haven't been to a NYE party for years. We had great company, excellent food, fun games and after we rang in with kisses, cider and fireworks, Becky had paper lanterns for everyone that we all set off together. We grabbed one (thanks Becky!) to bring home and do with the kids.
So Sunday as soon as it got dark we took it to our parents for a little activity that I think will be our new, New Year's tradition.
(Jack was excited!)
Before unfolding it we each shouted out and then I wrote some one-word hopes we have for 2012. I started with my hope of health this year. Some others were spirituality, unity, peace, happiness, love and Logan even shouted out, a 6-pack.

We then took it out to the drive way, opened it up, lit the bottom and waited for it to fill up with hot air. We then all talked about how much better this year is going to be and all that we hope for ourselves and each other.

We watched our hopes float slowly above us.

Up above the palm trees
It was so magical.

I hope 2012 brings peace and happiness.
For you
for your family
for your kids
and for me.

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dalisinere said...

ok we seriously saw these flying in the sky at midnight NYE. We joked that it was a copycat of Tangled. Now that I see this, I love this idea!