Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Footy Pajamas

Ever wonder how to properly put on footy pajamas? Well Hugo has it down to an art and has graciously provided us here with a picture tutorial.

First you need to make sure you got the right ones. Make sure everything is right, no arms are inside out or anything.
Next find a clear enough work space and lay your PJs out flat on the ground. Make sure the arms and legs are outward.
Then sit right down in the middle and put your feet into the foot spot.
Then (with your serious face on) put your arms in the arm holes.
Then start the zip, still in the siting position.
For best results, lay down when you get to the hips and continue zipping until you get to the top.
Stand up and what do you know!!! You did it!


Clarissa B. said...

such a cutie!! thanks for the instructions ;)

mimi said...

He is adorable!

Steve + Brindy Arnett said...

he is seriously soo cute!! soo glad your boys are well again!