Sunday, March 23, 2008

A different kind of easter!

We woke up to kids puking... so neither of my kids got to wear their cute new Easter outfits :( I wish I would have taken a picture this morning of Lacy draped over the toilet wearing her cute new poofy dress and pretty hair (she let me blow dry and curl it today) and her new jewelry she found in her easter basket... we got ready for church and then changed our minds when they started throwing up. Well we layed around in blankets all morning watching movies and trying to sleep... but around 2 we were all getting stir crazy and they kids wouldnt nap- so we went for a drive!
We went for a nice adventure drive to Horseshoe Dam, to get away. Thank goodness they both fell asleep on the way there and slept for a good hour or so.

The dam was CRAZY! We definitely want to go back on a day that we can get out and hike around, walk around the dam etc. We didn't have a lot of time and its not a real Sunday activity anyway.

Lacy woke up just as we were leaving so Shawn ran her over and showed her the over-flowing water. We only stayed for 5 mins. or so- but it was beautiful. I'll post when we go and explore more!
It wasn't a traditional Easter activity, but it was fun! Plus, we have had MORE Easter parties and egg hunts than EVER!


Kyle said...

That stinks that your kids were least they can wear their Easter outfits next week!

Chantal said...

Look. like lots-a fun! Too bad the kids got sick. Brian says we should have gone with you guys last week, it looks awesome. Did you get to go behind the dam again?

Deanna said...

That is "Dam" funny!

Deanna said...

(Not the part about your kids getting sick- that's actually a huge bummer).

Sara Jarman said...

Happy Late Easter Lady! Thanks for the TEXT!