Sunday, March 30, 2008

Fun and Games

Well it has been a loooong and very fun filled day! I'm going to post about my day later, right now I'm posting about my fun night. Shawn and I were thinking for something fun to do. It had been a crazy day but we still felt like doing something- even low key. We had a nice dinner at home by ourselves, then we put the kids to bed around 9:30 and had some friends over for games. It started us inviting Samuel and Sheri over.. then they wanted to hang out with Nate Trim and his date (not pictured). Then Scott and Rocehelle got added into the mix... then T Hatch called Scotts phone and he ended up coming by with a bunch of friends- just in and out, I wish I would have gotten his picture... he's all grown up!!

We had a lot of fun- especially because our kids were asleep. We started out playing pirate dice! That was fun and as usual, Samuel won (I think!) Then Nate and his date left and we played Quelf, Samuel won again! The highlight of the game was definitely when Scott got the rule that he had to snort like a pig whenever he laughed, so we were all trying so hard to make him laugh. During the process we all got a little silly and Sheri was even laughing so hard she was crying. I tried to get a picture but the camera was out of batteries. I charged it for a few minutes, but by that time we were all a little more calm!
Friends are fun, thanks for hanging out with us!


Kyle said...

Looks like fun! I love game nights! Isn't T Hatch like 14...just kidding (but really like 16?)

Jeff & Sonnet Boulton said...

Super fun!
You have the cutest blog ever!
:) Sonnet

Jenny Lynn said...

T just got home from a mission. crazy huh?

andrea said...

Quelf is so fun! I have played with my sisters and we were laughing so hard. Games are the best!

Anonymous said...

How fun, I've never heard of those games. I'll have to check them out.