Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A VERY welcome visitor

While Patrick and Chaz (My brother and sister in law) were out of town, they had a little dog emergency! They left the dogs at their house with someone coming to feed them... but one of their poor dogs had a broken leg. Well one day the lady came to feed the dogs and saw that Chanel had taken her cast off! (Or maybe Daisy the boxer did- who knows!) So they called and asked if we could watch Chanel for the rest of their trip and get her cast back on (actually my mother-in-law, the angel, did that!). So for the past week we had Chanel visiting our house!

She was so much fun and now I am super dog-hungry! I want a little dog so bad! She was a lot of fun, except for her constantly chewing on Lacy's toys and stealing Hugo's socks! Everybody loved her!


Clarissa Jo Baxter said...

aww poor chanel! logna and i are dog hunry too!! we want one soooo bad

Anonymous said...

Poor little puppy. I was very nervous about getting dogs, seeing as how I have NEVER had one before, but I am soooo glad we decided to take them. It's so much fun!