Thursday, April 17, 2008

all about my boy

So Hugo has a new love of his feet and the bath. He didn't used to love the bath, but now he does! He splashes and laughs the whole time in the bath and is so happy. I think it is so cute and I hope his love of the bath means he also will love swimming this summer!

He also is teething and loves to chew on anything he can get his hands on... the newest thing he can get his hands on is his feet. He will just chew and suck his feet- he actually made himself gag last night with one foot, Shawn and I thought it was pretty funny. He really had at it!

He also loves his voice and learned that he can yell (when he is happy) its cute, but loud! He is such a sweet boy, I'm so lucky I get to stay home with my adorable kids! (you know your jealous!)
Another not so fun thing- The doctor thinks Hugo's head is a little too flat and say's he needs a helmet. We have been to Cranial Technologies and they highly reccomend he get one as well. He won't have to wear it for very long, and his head will be round for the rest of his life. I think it is definitely worth it. We are just having problems trying to get insurance to pay for it. Anybody have any ideas? We are quite desperate (and poor!)
here is an example of what the helmets look like. a lot of people actually decorate theirs, I think thats what I would do!


Nunes Family said...

What a cute little guy! As far as insurance paying for the helmet. I heard they0 don't do that very offten best of luck.

Kyle said...

Good luck with the insurance thing...that stinks if they won't pay for it...but it will be worth every penny either way!
He is a cute little guy!

Chantal said...

Awww man that's too bad about insurance. I hope you can still get the helmet. Try looking into ACHSS. I think they can pay for just a few dr. bills instead of actually getting the whole insurance. Have you talked to the Dr about paying all at once sometimes they will lessen the price if you talk to them and explain the situation!
He is so cute!

Clarissa Jo Baxter said...

aww so cute! when was that picture taken? he is so adorable!