Monday, April 7, 2008

Some thoughts and funnies on Conference

Conference was sooo good! I know, it always is. It was an amazing first conference for President Monson as the Prophet. He is so down to earth- I loved the way he talked about his wife. I really loved everything I heard and felt and I know that everything that was said our Father in Heaven wanted us to hear. I could go on and on and on about all the things I learned and all the cute stories that stuck with me. I think what I really want to say though, my dad said best (I hope you don't mind me quoting you, Daddy) It is just a perfect thought on taking all that we learned and applying it into our lives.

"Let’s make sure we are doing what we should be doing so that we may also be close to the living Christ today – not just because we read His words or because we pray to Heavenly Father – but because we seek until we find and we live such that, through the Gift of the Holy Ghost, They are an intimate part of our day-to-day life."
On a little lighter note, we also had some usual Conference Fun! We spent two of the sessions at my parents house, both Saturday and Sunday afternoon.
On Saturday during the conference we had our usual "MONKEY TRAIN" I don't know if anyone else calls it that but that's what it is at the Fuller house! We do this every conference, I think it might be so that we can all stay awake. *something about listening to the soft comforting voices for two hours on a comfy couch...* Anyways... It started with me playing with Charmaine's hair, then Samuel getting in front of her for a back rub... you get the idea. If you ever come to my parents house and any family members are sitting around, you will most likely see someone rubbing someones feet or back,or tickling arms, playing with hair, etc.

Saturday night we got babysitters and went out to a very nice dinner after the priesthood session. It was fabulous and we had a good laugh at Samuel's pile of everyone's leftovers. He can be such a goober- thats why we love him!

On Sunday afternoon we had a whole different funny moment!
First off, the not so funny, but cute moment. We tried to involve the kids in participating and listening. I made these cute little stories with stickers they had to paste on the corresponding pictures, all things that had to do with the Church or conference. They enjoyed them and participated and hopefully learned, but it didn't last long.

Eventually we gave up on trying to keep their attention, so we put a movie on, in the other room and the three kids there cuddled up on the couch to watch Toy Story why we enjoyed conference quietly!
The funny part of the meeting was when we were listening to President Monson's sweet testimony at the end. It was so cute and we were all paying so close attention, nobody noticed what crawled OUT OF SAMUEL'S PANTS! We noticed it, but not until it was already out. Right in the middle of President Monson's words, somebody yelled, "There's a lizard on the floor!" We paused the TV, caught the lizard (after Samuel and Shawn threw their bodies all over the room trying to catch it) took it outside and resumed the conference (after much laughter). The funny thing was that Samuel earlier in the day was out in the garden playing with the kids and had spotted the very same lizard. Samuel decided to pick it up to show the kids. He was holding it when it ran up his arm and into his shirt. He did a little dance and then ripped his shirt off while him and my dad frantically looked for it. During the commotion Samuel thought he felt it in his pants, so he quickly ran into the bathroom to strip completely. Well they never did find the lizard, so he got back dressed then went to watch conference.

My question is... where was it hiding, and how long was it there???

(thank goodness for Tivo, so we could pause during all these breaks!)


Kyle said...

Thats a funny (and weird) lizard story? Whos kid is whos in the kid picture..I can't place them (accept Lacy of course...who are the boys are they both Charmaines?)

Jenny Lynn said...

Nolan is on the left- my brothers girlfriend Sheri's little boy and Israel is on the right and he is Charmaine's!

Kyle said...

Thanks for clearing that up...I was thinking "man Charmaine only talks about one little boy on her blog..she really needs to give face time to the other"..I am silly!

brownymama said...

That lizard story was hilarious! Wish I could have been there for that! (:

Whitehorn Family said...

what an eventful weekend for your family. I can relate with many subjects that you mentioned on your post, except for the whole weird lizard thing. I love the little boy holding his Buzz and Woody while watching Toy Story,it reminds me of my little boy.
You do a great job of capturing the entire picture of the weekend for you and your family.

Anonymous said...

So about the family cruise??? Are you guys going to be on the Carnival Pride going to the Mexican Rivera? Kevin and I are going on that cruise May 11th thru the 18th, so thought it would be sooooo funny if it were the same one!

andrea said...

That is really funny! And it is weird too.....really weird actually. Where was it hiding!?

Sounds like conference went well, good job trying to keep the kids busy with church activities...even if they ended up watching Toy story! I loved President Monsons talks too...he is awesome!!

Chantal said...

Hilarious! where was the lizard all that time? How funny!
looks like everybody had so much fun! good times!