Friday, August 22, 2008

Fun at the Game

My dad got way awesome seats to the D-Backs game up in a party suite. We weren't sure how awesome it would be, especially because we felt like we were walking forever into the back corner of the whole stadium.. but it was incredible. We got some awesome free food and deserts, had seats floating over right field with the best view of it all, and got to spend some quality time with the parents and hubby, kid free! PLUS... My awesomely fantastic, wonderful, amazing, radical, sweet, incredible, un-selfish brother watched the kids so we could go. (He turned down the seats and told my parents to ask us) Not only did he watch them last minute. He played on the slip 'n slide with Lacy, folded my laundry and took out the trash. I told you, he's the best Bro ever!!!
Oh and the D-Backs slaughtered the Padres!


Whitehorn Family said...

That is so sweet of your brother, he is going to be an awesome father if he isn't one already.

andrea said...

I love baseball games, how fun for you two. Your brother is WAY nice, that is above and beyond! I am glad you had fun!

Chantal said...

Samuel is such a big help. One time he babysat for me at the house and he did all those things. i hope he is still observant and helpful when he gets married!
Awesome seats, and hat!...little jealous.