Sunday, August 17, 2008

New Blog

I have been wanting to start this blog for a long time. Mwa Hoo I used to have a website for this business I started but it just wasn't getting much attention compared to the amount of time and money I put into it. Plus.. I am more of a hands on crafter, not a computer designer, so I didn't really have the knowledge or patience to work on the website. (Plus I think Charmaine was getting sick of me bugging her for help all the time!)

Well most of you who know me pretty well know about Mwa Hoo. My sisters, mom and I started this little business doing all things crafty. From announcements and invitations to blankets, clothes, furniture, even party planning. We do a lot of work, mostly by word of mouth and really enjoy it.

Well I figured a blog was a lot more manageable than a website that cost a lot of money and was impossible for me to figure out. I got the blog name a wanted a log time ago and finally got the motivation I needed.
Chantal has started the CUTEST blog talking about all the cute crafts she does. Chantals gettin crafty! She always does the cutest dang things and inspires a lot of the crafts I do. She is so good at sewing, painting, scrapbooking, sculpting and a lot more. She is always blowing me away with everything she does, she's amazing! Based on my calculations Chantal, you ARE awesome! You've inspired me to finally get mine blog up and running. I want to be just like you!
Both my Mom and Mother in law, all my sisters and sisters in law and even my brother inspire me to be creative.

WARNING... this is going to be LONG. I have to give a shout out to those who inspire my creativity most!
My mom has taught me all I know. She is a seamstress, artist, Mrs. Fix-it, interior designer, nurse, teacher, therapist and such an awesome friend. Most of the crafting I do can somehow be thanks to my mom and all the fun things she has taught me to do by either showing me, watching her, or her giving me lots of ideas. I call her all the time asking her questions about sewing, painting, fixing things, etc, she's amazing. All my sister have natural talent and creativity. Charmaine is a whiz at the computer doing beautiful work digitally. She also is an amazing painter. She learned super young to paint and it just stuck with her. She is an awesome paper crafter and interior designer. She has impeccable penmanship. She is probably the most natural talent of us all (besides my mom, of course) Samuel and I have always wanted to start our own little deli/bakery. He is so fun! He also always makes home makes his Christmas ornaments every year. He is used to crafting and is really good at it, growing up with 4 sisters! Clarissa is such a fun crafter! Everything she touches, she improves. She will see the potential in everything and will turn an old piece of junk from the thrift store into a rare, priceless beauty. She has such vision and really is awesome at whatever she does. My mother in law is the best best cook I know. Everyone in the family is always raving about everything she touches and I have heard multiple people say that she should cater. She also has the cutest decorated home. It is such a happy home. She also gives me lots of cute things to make my home better. We love to craft together and I cant wait until she works less so we can do more together (wink wink) Krista is just perfect in every way. She is always inspiring me as a mother and a wife. She is the funnest mom and is always thinking of fun things to do. She is also an amazing cook- she collects cook books and does beautiful things, like cake decorating. She really needs to teach me, I wish I could do that! Adelia makes the most gorgeous jewelery. Every time my mother in law goes to visit she comes home with more stunning jewelery that Adelia has made. She is amazing. She is also a professional interior designer and her house is amazing. It is really like a model home (she used to design model homes, so its no wonder!) Chazilyn is always making fun things for the home. I have so many things in my house that are from Chaz. My sister makes fun of me anytime I get anything new and cute in my house saying "Did Chaz make that for you?" Its really true, she has gorgeous taste and makes the cutest things. Heather, my non sister in law, sister in law is just as amazing as everyone else. I love having her so close- that she can craft with me whenever I want. She is truly my best friend, I love her to death! My dads have also inspired me. My own dad is a very eloquent poet and is so creative in all that he does. The more I get to know about my father in law the more I learn how creative he really is. He sings beautifully and plays the piano gorgeous. Most of all my husband inspires me. Everything I do, I do to impress him :) He is always making me feel good about the things I do and compliments me in everything. He is so fun and will put up with my crafts all over the house. Sometimes I can even sucker him into sitting down and painting with me, or helping me cook, etc. He is such a good husband, you should all be jealous!
Whew... I told you it was going to be long, I'll be impressed if anyone at all reads it.

Well now that I got that out, go check out my new blog. Mwa Hoo.. and an etsy shop coming soon.


Kyle said...

Way to go! I am so jealous...I wish I was "crafty"...I totally try but I end up not liking the stuff I make! So, I just do kids crafts!

Chantal said...

"you the wind beneath my wings" really you are my shining star.
I pretty much always do something first, then you do it second and better, then you get the credit. But its all good. I like it that way.
You did a good job describing everybody talents, very insightful.

Jenny Lynn said...

sad.. i definitely never do anything better. for sure...

Amberly said...

How fun, I will have to check it out. I always love getting new fun ideas.

Kim & Devin said...

Hi Jenny! Thanks for the comment. I think its awesome that you and your family are all so talented and crafty. Im stlil working on becoming more crafty. That was really nice what you wrote about your whole family, and yes I actually read the whole thing. As for breaking dawn, I have 1 chapter left to read. So far ive liked it though. What did you think of it? And I'll put a link to your mwa-hoo site on my blog, so hopefully it might help bring more people to your page.

Blonde doesn't Equal Dumb! said...

love it girly! I already checked it out! ;)

brownymama said...

Yeah Jenny! Glad you started your craft blog! And how sweet you are to come up with something nice about all of us. Love ya!

Nate and Lori said...

Ooh I'm so excited to be able to see all of your cute ideas.