Tuesday, August 26, 2008

That Darn Katie!!

Has anybody ever seen the move Drop Dead Fred? I used to love this movie when I was a kid- it is the darn funniest movie ever, I still love it.

Except now, Lacy has her own "Fred"... and her name is Katie Bella Jones. All day long, every single day Lacy is playing with Katie, up to no good, wreaking havoc and being mischievous with her friend Katie. But un-like Fred, Katie is a real girl who we can all see... except Katie lives 355 miles away.

Every time we need to scold or punish Lacy, she said "Katie did it."

Me: "Lacy why did you push Hugo over?"
Lacy: "I didn't, Katie did, we should put her in time-out"

Me: "Lacy are we supposed to dump out all the juice on the floor?"
L: "No Mommy, that's bad, Katie did it"

L: "Katie hit Hugo"
"Katie un-buckled my seat belt"
"Katie doesn't want to go to bed"
"Katie left the door open"
"Katie woke Hugo up"
"Katie painted this shirt"
"Katie dumped all the buttons on the floor"
"Katie got all your shirts out"
"Katie got into the nail polish"
"Katie climbed on the fridge and got the starburst"

I told Shawn the other night we need to get Lacy a new imaginary friend, because next time I see Katie I'm going to be really mad at her! She is always getting into so much trouble at our house. Either that or the Jones' really just need to move closer so I can spend more time with my sweet niece and see that she really isn't the demon I'm starting to think she is!

I love my nieces and nephews dearly, and miss them terribly.. and Lacy is just tainting their images!! Katie isn't the only one though.. Israel, Cameron, Anna, Susan, Brian Jr, Koby, Billy, Alex, Jaden and Braxton have all been known to cause some drama over at our house. The only one that hasn't caused any problems is Paxton and I haven't even met the little guy yet!! Katie is just the most awful of them all!!!

Lacy has such an imagination.. she needs more friends. REAL friends!


Amberly said...

How funny. Cayden hasn't started doing that yet, he just blames everything on Emma. Maybe when Hugo is old enough, she'll blame it all on him.

Susan (Mommy) said...

Maybe we need to trap "Drop Dead Katie" in a Jack in the Box!

Jen Heward said...

I remember that movie. We used to love it.