Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Lacy's week away, 1st day of preschool and SOCCER

We missed Lacy a ton last week while she was at Yosemite with her Mimi and Papa. We were especially jealous that we were not with them. I can't wait to get the pictures from them to see all the fun times they had. Lacy has talked about it non-stop and has begged for Mimi since the minute she got home. Mimi is apparently her very best friend in the whole wide world. She does have the best grandparents. My kids are the luckiest! They left Friday night and I was already missing her that night. It was much different being away from the kids when WE were on vacation. But having Lacy gone was completely different. Hugo missed her like crazy. He would crawl around the house whining looking for her, sit in her room waiting for her to come home. I kept myself super busy, so that was good.

I went with my mom twice to As You Wish to do some fun pottery for her Birthday. We had a nice girls lunch with my mom, Clarissa, Elise and I. Had a couple nice dinners with Shawn and Hugo. A REALLY nice birthday dinner for my mom and I, which included them singing to us and some free ice cream. I did lots of fun projects for my mother in law while she was gone (pictures to come!) Hugo got his helmet off (I'll give that one its own post)!! And tons more.
As You Wish, Take 1
As you Wish, Take 2
My Boys at Chili's the night Lacy came home
As for this week, Lacy startes preschool! We got to go and meet the teacher yesterday and today she had her first day. She was so excited. She has been begging to go ever since she knew about it. She woke up super early and wanted to get ready as soon as she pulled me out of bed. She got all dressed in her cute outfit she picked out and got her backpack, got her hair braided, had some cereal and was ready to go! We still had 45 min. to kill so we cleaned the car, took some pictures and did a little pep-talk for school. As soon as it was not too early, we went and got Carson. She was even MORE thrilled to have her new best friend in the car! I think it made the first day a little easier. For both of us! The two of them got eachother excited and talked about their new back-packs and that they each had a new booster for the other in their car... and easier for me because Hugo was in the middle of them and he was getting annoyed from their antics and was getting fussy by the time we got there. He was about to loose it so I was happy to get them out of the car :) They did really good. Hugo and I ran a bunch of errands and when the kids got back in the car they both talked a hundred miles a minute about school and recess and books and their crafts, etc.
As if preschool wasn't enough for the day (Lacy crashed on the couch right after lunch, she was pooped!) we went to see Shawn play soccer for the first time. He did really good, the game was lame tho ending early, Lacy wasn't too happy, she didn't like people kicking balls at Daddy, him being stuck on the field, people running and screaming. He had a break for a min so we ran over and Daddy told her he was having fun and not getting hurt. She was much happier after that (and an Icee). Overall it was a very busy, fun filled day.

Whew... sorry for the way long post!


mimi said...

we had so much fun with lacy. i actually forgot that she really belongs to you and shawn!! dad and i love her dearly... she is so much fun to be around!!! we will take her anytime, anyplace!!!

Clarissa Jo Baxter said...

looks like so much fun! i want more pictures from As You Wish! Are those the ones from mommys camera?

Kyle said...

I can't believe she was gone for a week...how sad (and fun)! Ask Kathy is she wants to take my kids for a week :)
Happy Apple Preschool is so cute...she will love it there!!

Kristin Hamblin said...

I love your version of the car ride. Carson and Lacy are chatterboxes especially when they are together! I am sure you enjoyed the peace and quiet once they got dropped off. Carson came home really tired too. This preschool is great!

Chazilyn and Patrick said...

YAY for Preschool!!!!!!!!! lol

Maren said...

That's so cute! I'm sure Lacy adores her Mimi and Papa even more now, after a week long trip!

I can't believe she's in preschool already! Wow.