Monday, March 31, 2008


We had a super fun reunion on Saturday with some of our oldest friends. The only thing that would have made it better would have been if Chantal was here. We haven't seen these girls in 10 years it seems. They really are our oldest friends (at least for us kids!) We met them before Clarissa was even born. Rebecca and Clarissa were born just hours apart, we used to always say they were twins and in a way they are! It was so fun to see and catch up with them all. We have GOT to do this more often, I had a blast! From left to right, and oldest to youngest :) Susan Fuller, Bonnie McMillan, Charmaine Figgins, (Chantal Jones-not pictures), Amberly Meeker, Jenny Brown, Laura Trevort, Rebecca Breaux, Clarissa Baxter and Rachel Breaux.
Lacy loves her Grandpa-Grandpa
Lacy has a really special relationship with her great-grandpa Ollerton. He lives behind my parents house in a little appartment. She loves him to death and calls him Grandpa-Grandpa. Every day Grandpa comes up to my parents house at 5:30 to join them for dinner. Lacy loves going to dinner at Grandma and G-Pa's just so she can see Grandpa-Grandpa. Every time after dinner, if we are over, Lacy follows Grandpa out and he gives her a cookie. I thought that was the only time... but apparently its not! She has a whole routine. She goes out to his gate and shakes it until he opens the door. Then, Grandpa lets her and Molly in and Lacy know's right where to go. She walks right to the correct cupboard and asks polietly (I hope!) for a cookie. Then Grandpa gives her and Molly a ginger-snap, and Lacy walks tall and proud back inside Grandma's house, cookie in hand. I didn't even know she went inside Grandpa's house. I thought he brought the cookies out to her. We had to spy on her to find out. It's the cutest thing ever! Its even cuter if you know my Grandpa. He is a very reserved, shy guy. He has a quiet strength. I have always had a special place in my heart for Grandpa, and I think I may have passed that Love down to Lacy. Grandpa loves her too, and I think it is so cute! Its obvious that Grandpa doesn't like a lot of commotion or noise, so it's surpirsing the relationship that they have because Lacy IS commotion and noise. But for some reason Grandpa just knows how to handle her! The other day when Chantal and Brian were here we were all eating outside, and all the kids were running around being crazy! Lacy was fighting with one of her cousins being grumpy about something and Grandpa say's, "come-on Lacy, lets go get a cookie". She came back out super happy and Grandpa says to me, "if she acts up again, just send her out to Grandpa-Grandpa's". It was so cute. I love their relationship. I love grandpa so much, and he holds such a special place in my heart, I had to name my son after him, Hugh Guthrie Ollerton, the greatest Grandpa-Grandpa in the world!!

Sunday, March 30, 2008


Ok I am a total nerd, but you said to e-mail you my address, but I dont have your e-mail to send you my e-mail... haha.. so anyways. mine is so invite me! I miss the updates on your cute family!

Fun and Games

Well it has been a loooong and very fun filled day! I'm going to post about my day later, right now I'm posting about my fun night. Shawn and I were thinking for something fun to do. It had been a crazy day but we still felt like doing something- even low key. We had a nice dinner at home by ourselves, then we put the kids to bed around 9:30 and had some friends over for games. It started us inviting Samuel and Sheri over.. then they wanted to hang out with Nate Trim and his date (not pictured). Then Scott and Rocehelle got added into the mix... then T Hatch called Scotts phone and he ended up coming by with a bunch of friends- just in and out, I wish I would have gotten his picture... he's all grown up!!

We had a lot of fun- especially because our kids were asleep. We started out playing pirate dice! That was fun and as usual, Samuel won (I think!) Then Nate and his date left and we played Quelf, Samuel won again! The highlight of the game was definitely when Scott got the rule that he had to snort like a pig whenever he laughed, so we were all trying so hard to make him laugh. During the process we all got a little silly and Sheri was even laughing so hard she was crying. I tried to get a picture but the camera was out of batteries. I charged it for a few minutes, but by that time we were all a little more calm!
Friends are fun, thanks for hanging out with us!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I'm right there with you Krista!!

It must be something in the air!!! My kids (and hubby) have put me through the ringer today. Lacy has been destroying one thing after another. It really started with Shawn calling me at 9:30 this morning wanting me to help with some invitation he had to do for work. He gave me one hour! That might usually be do-able but he re-formatted our computer last week and now I don't have any of my dang programs! I miss Adobe :(. So I was trying to see what I could do in Word (after using Adobe, Word sucks!). It ended up taking 3 hours. All the while Lacy is making messes all through the house. Dumped out a bag of popcorn and smashed it into the play-doh, making mud by putting dirt in the sprinklers, taking every book off the shelf, and all the movies out of the cabinet- I don't know how it got un-locked. She also colored all over herself MULTIPLE times! The picture was AFTER her bath.

--side story... that's my fault, the coloring thing. We were at my parents for FHE last night and during the lesson my brother fell asleep. Well as a prank, I took some crayola washable markers and colored on his legs and back... Lacy witnessed... very stupid on my part!

Anyways, Hugo was also not feeling good today so he spend most of the day not able to sleep and wanting to be held all the time. He is never loud, but he whined all day! Then, after work Shawn had basketball and soccer. He was actually really good, he even took Lacy to basketball. I know he couldn't help it, making my day a little crazier than it already was...

but I was SERIOUSLY about to stick my kids on the corner with a for sale sign attached.

You know I wouldn't ever actually do that... I love my kids to death, its just been one of those days!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Playing Guitar Hero with the Browns!
(enough said)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

A different kind of easter!

We woke up to kids puking... so neither of my kids got to wear their cute new Easter outfits :( I wish I would have taken a picture this morning of Lacy draped over the toilet wearing her cute new poofy dress and pretty hair (she let me blow dry and curl it today) and her new jewelry she found in her easter basket... we got ready for church and then changed our minds when they started throwing up. Well we layed around in blankets all morning watching movies and trying to sleep... but around 2 we were all getting stir crazy and they kids wouldnt nap- so we went for a drive!
We went for a nice adventure drive to Horseshoe Dam, to get away. Thank goodness they both fell asleep on the way there and slept for a good hour or so.

The dam was CRAZY! We definitely want to go back on a day that we can get out and hike around, walk around the dam etc. We didn't have a lot of time and its not a real Sunday activity anyway.

Lacy woke up just as we were leaving so Shawn ran her over and showed her the over-flowing water. We only stayed for 5 mins. or so- but it was beautiful. I'll post when we go and explore more!
It wasn't a traditional Easter activity, but it was fun! Plus, we have had MORE Easter parties and egg hunts than EVER!

Saturday, March 22, 2008


We have been trying and trying to get Hugo rolling over on camera. We finally got the cute boy (of corse it was when he was naked!) But I also added another video because I thought Lacy's positive reinforcements to Hugo were just too cute!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

We just bought Enchanted tonight and watched it with the kids! Its a great family movie and if you haven't seen it, I would highly recommend it! When it was over Shawn (my adorable husband and very cute father) re-wound it to this song and danced with the kids all around the family room over and over! It was a fun night - go see the movie... its one worth having in your movie collections!
I wish I would have gotten him dancing with the kids on camera- it was cuter than this clip, but I didn't, so this will have to do!
Happy Un-Birthday TO YOU!

Last night Lacy was in a silly mood! She was brining me present after present wrapped in rags and singing me Happy Birthday each time, then telling me to open the "present". She was being super cute, so I had to record it! I heard her sing Happy Birthday about 30 times!

These are all the awesome presents she brought to me!

So to all my blog readers, Happy Un-Birthday TO YOU! Go do something special to celebrate your un-birthday from Jenny and family! We hope you have a fabulous day!

A VERY welcome visitor

While Patrick and Chaz (My brother and sister in law) were out of town, they had a little dog emergency! They left the dogs at their house with someone coming to feed them... but one of their poor dogs had a broken leg. Well one day the lady came to feed the dogs and saw that Chanel had taken her cast off! (Or maybe Daisy the boxer did- who knows!) So they called and asked if we could watch Chanel for the rest of their trip and get her cast back on (actually my mother-in-law, the angel, did that!). So for the past week we had Chanel visiting our house!

She was so much fun and now I am super dog-hungry! I want a little dog so bad! She was a lot of fun, except for her constantly chewing on Lacy's toys and stealing Hugo's socks! Everybody loved her!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Early Easter!

Chantal and Brian were in town for spring break this last weekend. They actually came on a spur-of-the moment trip. They were bringing Charmaine back to Yuma to get her car (refer to post below) and decided that since they were already half way.. they might as well come the whole way! We were way excited they were here! We decided since the whole family was here this past weekend we would have our Easter celebration then with the whole family. We had honey baked ham, delicious potato salad, beans, green jello, the whole works! We even had an awesome easter egg hunt for the older kids and they had an absolute blast! We love having Lacy and Israel's cousins in town to keep them entertained and to have so much fun! We can't wait until they move back!!
Lacy is obviously super excited to get ahead and get all the eggs herself!
I love these pictures of the kids finding eggs in the flowers!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

best 2 day trip.... EVER

Ok, so it was a pretty spontaneous, spur of the moment, last minute trip... but it was super awesome! For my little nephew's 5th birthday the whole family piled into two cars and went to San Diego for ONE DAY to go to Lego Land and hang out with the fam.
I was so excited that everyone was able to go, it was awesome! We left at 530ish on Friday night. We had 11 people in a 12 passenger van, with Randal, Charmaine and Israel following in their scion. It wasn't the most comfy ride, but it was fun and quite the adventure. We left during rush hour, after grabbing a lame (but delicious taco bell) dinner on our way out. Then when we got to Yuma, we decided to go to Fry's to let the kids get some wiggles out and to get some fruits and veggies for Saturday. Well we spent about an hour there and then when we finally got going again, about a half-hour outside Yuma the scion broke down. Don't ask me what happened, some belt or something broke, I DON'T KNOW! But we had to then pile one more into the van and 2 people went with the tow-truck guy back to Yuma to drop the car off at a dealership. Mind you, its now almost mid-night and we are BACK to Yuma, with 14 people! So all 14 of us piled into the car and left again... Brian was an angel and met us half way so we didn't have to sit all squished for too long.
Well needless to say, the supposed 5 hour drive took about 9 or 10... we didn't get to our hotel until about 3 in the morning. So of course, Hugo was up all night, seeing as he slept most of the car ride! Then we slept in to 9 (if you can call that sleeping in when you go to bed at 3) and after getting ready we went to Brian and Chantal's to get ready for Lego Land. We finally got there around 11.. went on 3 or 4 rides, and had the best cheese-burger IN THE WORLD!! Seriously, if everything else wasn't worth it.. the cheese-burger was... I'm thinking about spending 59$ just to get back in to Lego land and buy another one (we had 8$ tickets that day.. but its usually 59$ to get in!) Then after Lego-land we went back to Chantal's and packed up and left. Leaving was the saddest thing in the world! Lacy kept saying "please no, mommy!" it was heart-breaking... But we left anyways leaving Charmaine and Israel behind. I'm so glad we did because now Chantal has to drive her back to Yuma when her car is fixed and they decided since they are already going to be half-way here, why not go all the way! I'm stoked!

So anyways, I know my story sounds so lame... but it was a really really fun weekend. Even getting pulled over on the way home! I wish it lasted longer but I had such a fun time. The whole family went, and my brother even brought his awesome girlfriend! We had a blast! I live for moments like these!
the very first ride- notice Lacy's hair is still done all cute and we don't look all tattered- yet!!
showing a little BC (butt crack) up on Samuel's shoulders- the cutest dang BC I've ever seen!
they were all so excited to get their faces painted. the girls got butterflies and the Brian got a scary spider!
i liked the colors they gave Katie a lot better!
Israel Nolan Katie and Lacy all piled into the stroller!lacy loved this horsey ride, because she could go all by herself!
Samuel and Israel pooped towards the end of the day!
a little drama from the ride home!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Somebody is getting teeth!! that is why he is so drooly lately, and a little bit grumpy! he does love his new bumbo chair though. He can sit up tall and watch his sister play all around him. Lacy gave him a nintendo controller and I had to take a picture, he looks like such a big boy! He is his daddy's little man!

blog stalking

hahaha I laughed out loud at Charmaine's last post, I had to post on her post! I have to admit it though, I am a total BLOG STALKER! Come on, you know you do it too! Check blogs of people that you never comment on! I think its kind of funny. It is interesting to see where everyone is now. People I knew from a million years ago. Most everyone I look at I comment on... but if you are blog stalking me, comment! I want to know who looks at my blog.