Friday, April 25, 2008

what about ME?

Thank goodness for awesome episodes of Grey's Anatomy and Lost! Seiously I am so glad they are back. Whats up with Benjamin and Mr. Widmore? Thats some crazy stuff! Like they "own" the island? And I loved Grey's... why was she acting all weird at the end? Anyways... yea, I'm probably too into TV- like its real, and they are really my friends! But I am glad that I waited until this morning to watch them because I needed something to cheer me up. I am SO depressed :( My brother sent me a text this morning telling me him and his girlfriend broke up. I am heart broken! Like if I was actually part of the relationship. He said he let me know becuase he thought I would care the most... yea! Seriously (I think I say that too much!) I liked this girl more than any girl he has dated- like best friend material. Good girls dont come by that often. So anyways, I think I am still in denial- I'm hoping this is a big joke and they will come over later and say they punked us all and they are actually engaged. Okay I know that would not actually happen, I need to admit its over. I'm really really going to miss her though. Okay maybe I wont admit it yet, its not over until one of them is married to someone else!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Appointment # 2

Hugo had another appointment with the cranial technologist today. It went really well and was really quite fast, thank goodness! We were just going in for him to get 3-D pictures taken of him. Then with those 3-D pictures they make a replica of his head and then from that change it slightly to make a doc-band (helmet) for his head. We are looking forward to getting it out of the way and being done with it. I am kind of excited to get the band and get it decorated or painted. Does anybody have any ideas?
Anyways, here are some pictures I took of him getting his pictures. The green/blue ones are of the actual 3-D picture, it was SO cool to see on the computer, they could move it all around- I am amazed and grateful for the technology we have available for us today!

2 more weeks and he gets it! I'll keep you posted!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day!

In honor of Earth Day, I have a few easy tips on going green:

Tip #1 Take a shorter shower. In doing so you will save water and the energy it takes to heat it which in turn reduces carbon dioxide emissions.

Tip #2 By allowing more natural light into your home, you can lower the use of electricity; artificial light adds up to almost 15% of the home's total electricity.

Tip #3 Stop adding waste - Instead of using a paper or plastic cup, invest in a mug and use that throughout the day.

Tip #4 Go Organic and don't worry about eating or drinking added hormones.

Tip #5 Individual servings at grocery stores use up more packaging. When possible, purchase the family size.

Tip #6 Purchase a canvas bag or two and bring it to the grocery store to avoid using their plastic or paper bags

My favorite new purchace is this organic cotton bag that I use when I go shopping

I know I'm a total tree hugger.. but you know you love me!

sorry for all the posts today. I was bored at home waiting for Shawn to get home from playing soccer.. I knew if I laid down I would fall right asleep, so I have been posting to keep me awake!

The END of my crazy busy week!

Last week was so crazy... With Israels birthday lunch and hosting his party dinner, watching Krista's kids, hanging out with my sister, planning the decorations for my ward party, doing birthday cards for the sisters in the ward, running a 5K Saturday morning, then decorating for the ward party the rest of the day... and of corse having the ward party and cleaning up for the ward party. I'm glad its a new week now!

On Friday Clarissa and I decided to tie-dye some shirts so we could match at our run on Saturday. We ran a 5K Saturday morning with the Tempe Stake (a stake that neither of us attend). My friend Kristin Hamblin invited me (thanks Kristin, we had a BLAST)... her mom is in the stake. It was at Kiwana's, and was super hilly... PLUS I haven't ran at all since being pregnant with Hugo.. so needless to say, I was hurtin pretty bad Saturday night and Sunday. It was super fun though and I was so glad that Clarissa came with me and let me walk every once in a while, lol. And just for the record, it was not the Pat Tillman Run- I've been asked that a million times.
That night we had our big ward luau party and Shawn and I were in charge of the decorations. Someone told me earlier in the week I was un-organized and they were worried, so I was all pumped to make it the best darn decorations the ward has ever seen (with a zero dollar budget, mind you).. and I must say- they kicked butt! The pictures dont do it justice- they were adorable. I think everyone should toot their own horn every now and again, and now its my turn! Toot Toot!

Cameron and Anna!

Last week we had some very welcome visitors! Ryan and Krista has a dental convention to go to for a couple of days, so why they were here we had Cameron and Anna stay with us. We all had so much fun! I now know why Krista calls Cameron "her delightful"... he truly was a delight. I would love to just kidnap him and keep him forever! He was so fun and so good. He never gave me a bit of trouble- and him and Lacy had so much fun together. We can't wait to spend more time with him, I already miss him. Anna was also such a doll. She is so cute and tiny, we love having her over! She was perfect for us, all except one little incident Monday morning. I know it must be hard for her being so much smaller than all the other kids- so when she wanted a toy Lacy had, her only defence was to BITE! I dont think Lacy had ever been bitten before and she wasn't too happy about it. Well after naps for the little kids and a movie for Cameron and Lacy... we had no problems from there on out! I loved having them and would take them ANY TIME (and I promise Krista, I'm not just saying that... I LOVED THEM!!)

Sunday, April 20, 2008


So this morning at 7:15 I got a very interesting wake up call. I was sound asleep when Kelly (Shawn's brother who lives 3 doors down) calls and asks if I am missing a half naked 3 year old. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? We usually lock Lacy in her room when she goes to sleep... I know we sound like total nut jobs! We started doing it when we lived in our huge house and she started crawling out of the crib. Our bedroom was so far away from hers we figured we would hear her trying to get out of the room because of the baby monitor and we could come to her aid. But now in this house, she will wake up so quietly and tear the house apart before I even hear her! Well we decided to try it for one night and see if she wakes up nicely. Well apparently not!! She woke up, went to the bathroom, threw her pull up away and put on underwear (but not her pants!), put on some sandals and went wandering around the neighborhood. My one neighbor, who I don't think speaks very good English tells Kelly that Lacy lives here (I think she was panicking) and Kelly says, no she is fine, she is my niece. She had rang the doorbell while Heather was in the shower and so I don't think Kelly heard it. Then when Heather got out, she says I think the doorbell rang, and Kelly went out to find her. Well I got dressed and went over to Kelly's for a nice long talk!

Lacy LOVES her Uncle Kelly's house and will go at any chance she gets. If she sees, or even hears his truck, she immediately wants to go say hi. Plus, they stock up on fruit snacks, go-gurts, and Capri suns just for her! We all had a talk with her and Kelly sat her down and told her she was allowed over anytime, BUT she HAS to tell Mommy or Daddy first.

I guess I am super glad and will go back to locking her in the room. I am just grateful that Kelly got her and that she wasn't hit by a car or taken away. (Who can resist a crazy 3 year old in a tie-dye shirt and purple underwear, and last years sandals?)

So anyway, she got her fruit snacks and juice and we marched on home to get ready for church! At least they got a good wake-up call and Lacy invited Heather to church... and she came!! What a good missionary. Can't be too mad at her, right?

Thursday, April 17, 2008

all about my boy

So Hugo has a new love of his feet and the bath. He didn't used to love the bath, but now he does! He splashes and laughs the whole time in the bath and is so happy. I think it is so cute and I hope his love of the bath means he also will love swimming this summer!

He also is teething and loves to chew on anything he can get his hands on... the newest thing he can get his hands on is his feet. He will just chew and suck his feet- he actually made himself gag last night with one foot, Shawn and I thought it was pretty funny. He really had at it!

He also loves his voice and learned that he can yell (when he is happy) its cute, but loud! He is such a sweet boy, I'm so lucky I get to stay home with my adorable kids! (you know your jealous!)
Another not so fun thing- The doctor thinks Hugo's head is a little too flat and say's he needs a helmet. We have been to Cranial Technologies and they highly reccomend he get one as well. He won't have to wear it for very long, and his head will be round for the rest of his life. I think it is definitely worth it. We are just having problems trying to get insurance to pay for it. Anybody have any ideas? We are quite desperate (and poor!)
here is an example of what the helmets look like. a lot of people actually decorate theirs, I think thats what I would do!

Monday, April 14, 2008

I wasn't lying

I took these pictures last night and told the boys I was going to post them on my blog. I'm a woman of my word! Lauren came over last night to borrow some butter (so she didn't have to run to the store on Sunday- what a good girl!!) So we asked her what the butter was for and she told us that she was making cookies at the Hewards and said she would come back tomorrow and replace the butter. In stead of doing that, we gave her more butter than she had asked for and told her to come back with cookies! She came back with some delicious chocolate chip cookies and brought the crew with her.
My mom had to show off her Mexican room to Ryan and the rest of them... and while doing so, they found some silly dress up clothes and got a little carried away! Samuel, Rochelle, Scott and my silly hubby Shawn all played dress up, and gave us all a good laugh!
Samuel, Rochelle, Scott and Nacho (I mean Shawn)
Samuel and Rochell's face are classic in this one!

Jen, Me, Charmaine and Lauren all being embarrassed for them!
Lacy even decided to join in the fun!

We're fun!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Cheap Play Day!

Yesterday Charmaine and I took our kids to Chuck E. Cheese's for a super fun play day! It was really cheap too! We went because prego Charmaine has been craving salads her whole pregnancy. We thought the all you can eat salad bar sounded good, plus the kids could get a lot of energy out. It was absolutely perfect. It was the middle of the day on a Wednesday, so there we barely any kids there which made it really easy to keep track of them! We got them Pizza and let them ride a few rides, and they were happy as could be. I was also happy that their games and rides were only one token-- It seems that now-a-days when you go to an arcade it takes 3-4 tokens just to go on a dumb 30 second back and forth shaking car, or to shoot some stupid gun. They had some really cool games and rides actually. They had this huge car that whipped the kids all around- I think they spent most their tokens on that. Lacy had fun the whole time-- until Chuck E. Cheese actually came out to play with the kids. He is actually pretty scary if you think about it.

It was also nice because they had a huge FREE play-zone. Like the kind they have at McDonalds with tubes and they were super happy playing on that as well. I remember going to places like that as a kid, but now it seems so smart. I also love their security there. They check you and your kid and stamp matching numbers so when any kid leaves, they have to match the adult they are with. Its so nice, you dont have to worry about someone stealing your kids.

Okay, I know I'm lame, but we had a lot of fun!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Hugo's first time Swimming!

Lacy, Hugo and I went swimming on Monday with Mimi and Heather, Hugo for the first time. I was afraid he wouldn't like it or that maybe he would be too cold, but he did great! It was a perfect day at the pool, with the warm sun, a cool breeze at just the right times, and her perfect temperatured pool. It was a lovely day with great company. Lacy and Hugo both had so much fun! Lacy is getting so brave and I'm really excited for her to take swimming lessons again in May to help her learn just a little bit more. Hugo had the best time, I don't think he ever stopped kicking his legs. In his little floatie and me holding him. He never cried, the whole time- not until I got him out!

We had so much fun, Thanks Mimi for inviting us, we love you!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Some thoughts and funnies on Conference

Conference was sooo good! I know, it always is. It was an amazing first conference for President Monson as the Prophet. He is so down to earth- I loved the way he talked about his wife. I really loved everything I heard and felt and I know that everything that was said our Father in Heaven wanted us to hear. I could go on and on and on about all the things I learned and all the cute stories that stuck with me. I think what I really want to say though, my dad said best (I hope you don't mind me quoting you, Daddy) It is just a perfect thought on taking all that we learned and applying it into our lives.

"Let’s make sure we are doing what we should be doing so that we may also be close to the living Christ today – not just because we read His words or because we pray to Heavenly Father – but because we seek until we find and we live such that, through the Gift of the Holy Ghost, They are an intimate part of our day-to-day life."
On a little lighter note, we also had some usual Conference Fun! We spent two of the sessions at my parents house, both Saturday and Sunday afternoon.
On Saturday during the conference we had our usual "MONKEY TRAIN" I don't know if anyone else calls it that but that's what it is at the Fuller house! We do this every conference, I think it might be so that we can all stay awake. *something about listening to the soft comforting voices for two hours on a comfy couch...* Anyways... It started with me playing with Charmaine's hair, then Samuel getting in front of her for a back rub... you get the idea. If you ever come to my parents house and any family members are sitting around, you will most likely see someone rubbing someones feet or back,or tickling arms, playing with hair, etc.

Saturday night we got babysitters and went out to a very nice dinner after the priesthood session. It was fabulous and we had a good laugh at Samuel's pile of everyone's leftovers. He can be such a goober- thats why we love him!

On Sunday afternoon we had a whole different funny moment!
First off, the not so funny, but cute moment. We tried to involve the kids in participating and listening. I made these cute little stories with stickers they had to paste on the corresponding pictures, all things that had to do with the Church or conference. They enjoyed them and participated and hopefully learned, but it didn't last long.

Eventually we gave up on trying to keep their attention, so we put a movie on, in the other room and the three kids there cuddled up on the couch to watch Toy Story why we enjoyed conference quietly!
The funny part of the meeting was when we were listening to President Monson's sweet testimony at the end. It was so cute and we were all paying so close attention, nobody noticed what crawled OUT OF SAMUEL'S PANTS! We noticed it, but not until it was already out. Right in the middle of President Monson's words, somebody yelled, "There's a lizard on the floor!" We paused the TV, caught the lizard (after Samuel and Shawn threw their bodies all over the room trying to catch it) took it outside and resumed the conference (after much laughter). The funny thing was that Samuel earlier in the day was out in the garden playing with the kids and had spotted the very same lizard. Samuel decided to pick it up to show the kids. He was holding it when it ran up his arm and into his shirt. He did a little dance and then ripped his shirt off while him and my dad frantically looked for it. During the commotion Samuel thought he felt it in his pants, so he quickly ran into the bathroom to strip completely. Well they never did find the lizard, so he got back dressed then went to watch conference.

My question is... where was it hiding, and how long was it there???

(thank goodness for Tivo, so we could pause during all these breaks!)

Thursday, April 3, 2008

I'm so spoiled!

I have the nicest husband ever! I told him that I was really wanting a change and that I wanted to chop my hair off. He went on about how much he loves my long hair and then said, why don't you go treat yourself to getting it colored! I was so excited! I have actually never had my hair professionally colored. I've always been too scared because I have a skin disease- but she was so good! My brothers girlfriend did it and she had me come in and she did a bunch of skin tests. She used non-amonia bleach, and worked with me so I didn't have any kind of reaction! She took a tiny bit of length off and gave me some layers up front. I love love love it, and now I am going to be super spoiled and want it done all the time!

Thanks Sheri!
p.s. I really hope Samuel marries this girl- I LOVE HER!!!