Friday, October 2, 2009

Devin... and tempura

So I am totally going to blog about...
This is Devin. He is Andreas husband. He is so funny- he has a mad love for food. I think anytime you ask him what time it is or whenever he looks at a clock, he says "its eleven- time to eat", "its 2 in the morning - time to eat", "its 7 am - time to eat" Its pretty hilarious. Well anyway, a couple Sundays ago they invited us over for lunch and while Andrea and I were out visiting teaching the boys watched all the kids and Devin made some really yummy vegetable tempura. I have been craving it ever since. He told me a little of how he makes it and I also looked around online and came up with some yummy stuff.

I was really proud of myself. I am not good at "experimenting" so this was scary- but it turned out absolutely delicious.

I cut up some fresh veggies. I did ONE potato, ONE zucchini, a handful of baby carrots (I would have used regular carrots but this was all I had) and ONE HALF a sweet onion. I thought I would only do a tiny bit in case it didn't turn out right. Okay it made A TON!!! I'm glad I didn't do the broccoli or mushrooms. We had to throw away some as it is, it doesn't really keep well.

Then I made the tempura batter to go on the veggies.
I first mixed
1 C flour
1 tsp baking powder
a couple pinches toasted sesame seeds (my own addition)
then added a couple eggs and 2 drops sesame oil (also my own add.)
then once that was all mixed I took about a quarter cup water and added it to the mixture until it was a good consistency. Thick enough it would coat the veggies but not too thin it would run off or not coat it enough.
I then heated a bunch of oil in a pan and coated the veggies in the batter and dropped in the oil for only a minute or two. I actually have a deep fryer I just need to buy more oil for it. I think it would work PERFECT in the fryer and be a lot faster.
Anyhow... it made a TON! I set out some dips one of fry sauce and one a mixture of toasted sesame dressing, yoshidas sauce and water. SOOO DELICIOUS.

I also baked some shrimp on skewers and covered them in terriyaki sauce.

I was really proud of my yummy meal.

And nothing tops off a yummy meal like some fresh baked cookies and an ice cold cup of milk.


mimi said...

Sounds wonderful! When can we come for dinner?!!!! You are such a good cook!!

Charmaine @ randalswife said...

Dang, I'm impressed!