Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I'm going to get in trouble for this!!

sorry, its super long.

Shawn asked me to take his flash drive last night to my computer (which is hooked up to the printer) and print out this report he had to write for his sociology class. When I pulled it up, the heading at the top of the first page said...

"Attributes I was looking for in my spouse."

Well I got super curious so I read...

1. Beautiful
1.1. long hair
1.2. bright eyes
1.3. nice legs
1.4. tight butt
1.5. in shape
1.6. clean
1.7. fresh

2. Smart
2.1. intelligent
2.2. well spoken
2.3. outgoing

3. Religious-LDS
3.1. High Standards
3.2. Faith in God
3.3. Testimony
3.4. Desire to have a Temple Marriage
3.5. In pursuit of an Eternal Family

4. Adventurous
4.1. Likes to camp (in a tent/ under the stars)
4.2. Likes the lake (swim/ wakeboard)
4.3. Likes to hike
4.4. Likes to mountain bike
4.5. Likes road trips

5. Sense of Humor
5.1. funny to me
5.2. can have fun
5.3. can take a joke
5.4. can give a joke

6. Good Family
6.1. Has a good relationship with parents
6.2. Has a good relationship with siblings

(I love that he threw tight butt in there- such a boy!!)

Then he had a second page that broke down that list once more to the essential attributes (the one's he wouldn't budge on or whatever) then the third page he had to write a short essay on the attributes he wanted compared to what he got.... in me :) He's going to be mad at me for posting this, but its so darn cute and made my week. He makes me so happy... just look at this.

The Comparison
In comparing what I wanted and to what ended up with for my spouse I want to say I got lucky. In reality I believe I got what I was looking and working for. I was raised in a LDS family and was taught from my youth that I marry who I date. So when I started dating at the age of sixteen. I always had that thought in the back of my head. Jenny, my wife, was raised in the same area, from the same type of family background, and the same long term beliefs. That it what I think makes us different from most sixteen year olds. We had a different perspective. I was from the start of my dating career looking for someone I could not only spend a lifetime but an eternity with. With these standards I feel we pretty much got what we both were looking for.
My wife is the love of my life. Jenny brings me joy on so many different levels. She is an absolute perfect ten to me. She had those items of beauty I was looking for when I was dating and still carries them today. She is very smart and determined as it showed with her graduating early from high school and moving straight onto college. She received an associate in massage therapy and is licensed to practice. Jenny could have stopped there as most due with massage therapy but she is looking to further her education and get a bachelors degree.
As for my religious desires, my wife and I share the same beliefs. Because of this I know she was preparing for me as I was preparing for her. This is the main reason I feel my wife met my dating standards. Not because I feel she was the only one for me but because we had been raised in the same area, same type of family background and with the same long term beliefs.
She meets my other needs of adventure, humor and family relationships. Jenny continues to surpass my expectations even now six years into this relationship. With the last statement I made that we had been raised in the same area, same type of family background and the same long term beliefs my wife and I met not only our dating attributes but we also met the essential attributes.

pretty sweet, right!? i've got to say- he's a perfect 10!!


Charmaine @ randalswife said...

Awww, how sweet!

Ashley Yazzie said...

What a perfect gift for you Jenny! That is what every woman wants to accidently find in their printer!

Charlie and Christina said...

This was way too cute!!!

Charlie and Christina said...

Way too cute!

Dopp Family said...

So very sweet!! You two are a perfect match!

andrea said...

That is funny that you posted this. Are you guys missing us :) Oh and you do have a tight butt don't you :)

Elise said...

That is SO SO SO sweet! I would have cried if I read this. Lets be honest I almost did. I am So glad that you two are so happy. You deserve the best!!