Sunday, October 11, 2009


In our family on our birthdays we always go around and say why we love the birthday boy/girl. Its a fun thing and it (to me) if my favorite part of birthdays, more than the presents, cake, etc. So here I go, doing mine publicly, they deserve it!

Happy Birthday Chantal!!!

I love Chantal because..... Chantal is hilarious and we spend all our time laughing when we are together. Mostly at stupid things that nobody else thinks is funny. We have so much fun when we are together, crafting, shopping, cooking, cleaning, playing with our kids, whatever! She inspires me more than most people (well all my sisters and my mom inspire me). She is a wonderful friend, sister, mother, daughter, wife and many more. I am so glad she came into this world 28 years ago- she has always been my best friend and confidant. I LOVE YOU SISTER, Happy Birthday!

and... Happy Birthday Clarissa!!!

I love Clarissa because she is always a ray of sunshine and happiness. She is wiser and smarter way beyond her years. She is amazing at everything she does and inspires me to try new things and to step out of my comfort zone. She is bold and confident and gorgeous and I wish I was more like her. She is also my bestest friend (hey- a girl can have as many as she wants, don't judge me!) I love all the time that we get to spend together and I love that she is close enough that we can do it most anytime we want. She too is a strong and beautiful woman (mother sister etc). I LOVE YOU SISTER, Happy Birthday!

p.s. i did half the siblings.. so I just had to shout out to the other two. i miss Charmaine terribly and I am so jealous that my parents are visiting. I am even jealous that our friends just drove through Iowa. I want to go so bad!!! I love you and think are super fabulous and you are amazing at everything you do. i get to see Samuel more than any of my other siblings. He is one of my most favorite people to talk and chill with. he is hilarious and confident and i know that everyone that knows him absolutely adores him. I'm lucky to have such awesome siblings!


Nate and Lori said... makes me miss my sisters. Isn't is so wonderful to be from a family with so many girls?

Clarissa Jo Baxter said...

awww.. tear! you are so sweet! I love you too!!

Susan Jo Ollerton Fuller said...

I thought that picture of Clarissa was me for a minute. Jenny you are always so considerate of everyone.

Chazilyn and Patrick said...

Awww you are SUCH A SWEET SISTER!!!!!! I love your post. And I am lucky to have you as a SIS IN LAW:)