Friday, November 20, 2009

Recent Pictures, so random!!!

This was from my dobson ranch boutique. Even tho I said it was embarrassing, I'll post pictures anyways!
Jack is just adorable. He is crawling all over the place now. What?! Crawling?! Yes, you heard it! Crawling at 5 months! I just had to show these adorable pictures. And I have to plug these shoes. They are called skidders and they have them at Target. Lacy and Jack both have/had these huge marshmallow feet and they are/were so hard to find shoes for. These are perfect! If you have a baby with huge feet, you need to buy these shoes!
Last night I went with my sisters, my bff and my Laurel Kay and her bro JD to go see a pre-showing of New Moon. We were total nerds, went all out, and absolutely loved it! It was so good, much better than the first.
Elise might as well be my sister :)

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Janine said...

I love these pictures. You look amazing. I am coming in town this week. I will be there on Monday night. I would love to see you some time during the week.