Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fun night with the gals!

Last night a few of us girls went out to dinner as a last hoorah/shower for Caroline. Before she has baby Royce It was super fun and I think we should find more excuses like that to have a girls night. We went to Sweet Tomato and chatted for hours and ate yummy salad. It was a much needed, kid free break, it had been a crazy day!! Now we all just can't wait for Caroline to have her baby so we can all see what a cutie he is! Baby spiderman :)
Sara, Clarissa, Me and Caroline
Seriously some of my bestest besties right here!

Caroline, Lola (the lovely hostess and Caroline's sister) and Jen Heward

Thanks Lola for inviting us and for the pictures I stole :)


Amberly said...

How fun, I love getting a night out with the girls. OK I want to share my favorite memory of you. I think when we made our fabulously wonderful music videos was definatelly one of our high points, but my favorite is when we had sleepovers out in the camper outside. We would talk about boys and kissing, and Charmaine told us all about what it (kissing) was like, we thought it sounded so gross. We were so wrong =)

Kyle said...

Who doesn't love a good girls night out...In fact I think I need one tonight! HA!
By the way, I laughed so hard on the comment you made on my chopstick post...good way to lose weight..that was funny!