Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Hugo's first hair cut!

I decided to finally cut Hugo's hair. It was getting a little long around the ears. Plus, since he wears his helmet 23 hours out of the day, it doesn't really matter how long it is because you don't really see it. He would get this sweaty little mo-hawk in the front coming out the top and his hair in back would just drip! SOO... I BUZZED IT! I also used scissors around the ears. I was so proud of myself. I always cut Shawn's hair but on a tiny little baby it is so different. He was such a trooper as well, he didn't cry at all. I think it looks pretty cute too! I was suprised at how much hair he actually had! It'll grow back by the time he finally get his helmet off :)

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Chantal said...

he looks so cute! he is getting big.