Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Lacy Lately

Today Lacy was pretty cute. I got all dressed and ready for the day and she came in and said, "Mommy, can you help me find MY black skirt?" I said, "No, Lacy that is a Sunday skirt" and so SHE said... "well you are wearing your black skirt, and I want to match you!" I couldn't resist. She even looked through all her shirts to find the one closest in color to mine. I love having a little mini-me. I can't wait until she is old enough to take to the salon or to get our nails done and enjoy shopping!We have also started a "listening chart" (which if you know me, is so not like me) but we have a little behavior problem we are trying to work on. For both of us actually. I'm a crazy yelling mom and she has a hard time listening to me. So I am not yelling anymore and she is getting better too! We made a "good listening chart" She gets a sticker when she is being especially good or does something the first time I ask her... and if I get really frusterated with her not listening or doing something naughty, she has to take a sticker off. Then when she gets to the end of a line, she gets a suprise! We went to target to get some cheap treats and she is really excited. We picked out some cute princess stuff from the dollar spot, some play-doh, and some other cute things. She finally reached the end of a line today and was really excited about the prize she picked. Lets hope this keeps working. I told her after she finished the whold page she gets her BIG prize we picked out. (a slip-n-slide). It took 2 days to finish one line, and she is still motivated, so, so am I! Wish us luck, she's a fiesty one, that Lacy Jo!


Whitehorn Family said...

What a great idea!
I've done something similar but its with chores like cleaning your room. But I like how you went shopping with her before hand so she sees the prizes first and that in itself motivates her. What a good mommy you are.
Ps: Hugo is stinkin adorable

Janine said... are a good mom. I am always impressed by your ideas. I don't know where you come up with them. Lacy looks so cute as your little twinner. It reminds me of middle school days when you had to dress up like your best friend. I am sorry you lost your camera. I would hate that.

Kyle said...

Samantha loves to match with me too...everytime she wants to I always wish she had a sister.