Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day!

I am so lucky to have such a wonderful father, awesome father in law and study husband who is also an amazing father.
My own father has taught me so much in life. He is such a perfect example of a christ-like giving parent. I always know that I am taken care of because of my father. He is so giving and loving and does so much for me even know that I am all grown up. He is also such a wonderful G-pa. All the kids adore him and his sweet personality.

My father in law is the glue. He is so fun with all the kids and has a way of making everyone around him feel loved and welcome. He is always checking up on us making sure weare doing what we are supposed to. He is an amazing man and I know that a lot of Shawn's wonderful qualities are from his father. I am lucky to have married into such a wonderful family.
I am by far the luckiest lady alive to have married such a wonderful father. I obviously didn't know it at the time when I married him but he truly is. He wakes up early with the kids to let me sleep. He reads to them every night, by his own decicion and choice. He changes diapers anytime they need it (with-out being asked to do so) He helps me with the dishes, laundry, etc. He is always doing everything he can to make sure the kids and I are happy. He is such a wonderful man, I love him so much. It may sound cheesy but he makes me happier than I ever thought I could be and loves me much more than I ever deserve.
Happy Father's Day to you 3 fathers that so richly bless my life... and happy fathers day to all your wonderful fathers, husbands, brothers, sons, etc. I could only hope that you too have such amazing men to grace your lives.

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Janine said...

Loved this post. I think we are some of the luckiest girls in the world. How are you?