Saturday, June 6, 2009

Jack's first bath

Lacy was very excited to be my big helper and give Jack his first bath. Just a sponge bath, but still she was very excited. She helped keep him warm and happy while I got everything ready.
We got the actual bath site ready
The towel, lotion, diaper, pijamas and everything ready for after the bath.
Then during, she was very concerned because he didn't really like it. He screamed like mad, so Lacy ran away. I thought she was scared or something but she returned quickly with his pacifier and continued to talk sweet to him telling him everything was going to be okay and its good to take baths and be clean.
He is much happier now that he is wrapped up in a towel. She still wants to give him the paci, just in case. He doesn't seem too interested.
She is so proud to have been such a big helper. She really has been great helping me. She will get diapers, wipes, the pacifier, anything at all and she always comes running to mine or his aide when he is unhappy. She is also constatly telling everyone "baby Jack is soooooo cute!"
I'm so lucky!

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