Monday, June 22, 2009

what we did on Monday afternoon

The kids love to play outside in the hose- well actually I think they just love getting wet no matter what it is. But today Hugo got himself naked and ran to the back door and started banging on it and yelling something like "out, out!" well what the heck, why not? We let Lacy get down to her skivvies opened the door and let the two of them run wild in the hose... or in Hugo's case ride naked. They are just too cute to say no and they were too excited to waste the time getting their suits on. Plus it was six-o'clock so after they were done I grabbed the Johnsons head to toe baby soap and may have given them a little shower on the back porch. Am I white trash or what? They loved it though and I got to kill 2 birds with one stone. Play time and bath time!
Lacy is such a girl! Look at her posing. Every time the camera is around she has a huge smile and a tilted head. She is such a ham!
This boy is just too too cute for words. Look at that tooshie on the bike and that sweet puppy dog face in the towel. Could you say no to naked bike riding with those big brown eyes looking up at you?
Jack is just content being in his Daddys arms!
Another happening of the day, I finally got Jack rolling over on camera. Yes I said rolling over. The kid has been doing it for a week now. At only 2 weeks he started rolling from his tummy to his back. Sometimes he loves tummy time then there are other times the second we lay him on his tummy he fusses until he has turned to his back. Whats with that? I guess its true, they do grow up too fast!


Chantal said...

Cute naked kids! looks like fun to be a kid.
Wow you have a super baby! He looks so big how old his he now? link 3 weeks?! he is so strong!

Susan Jo said...

Well that is definetly a roll over! I showed Daddy he says, "we have genius kids." (I just had to ask Lelan how to spell genius.) So the grandkids anyway. Lacy and Hugo are so cute, love that tooshi. Hope no one thinks it's kiddi u know what.