Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Crazy Night!

We invited Mark and Caroline over for dinner and had the craziest night ever! The first thing Braiden (their 6 year old son) said to me when he walked in was, "Can I jump on the trampoline?" I told him it was a little dangerous because we have these poles of death sticking up around the trampoline because we are building a little fence around it, and the cover that goes over the springs was all torn up. Well the boys decided to take the kids outside while the girls finished up making dinner. Then, Mark decided to jump Braiden on the trampoline and I think they just had tooo much fun. Mark jumped him really high and Braiden landed wrong and really hurt his arm. He came in and was just hanging it limp. We all thought he just dislocated his elbow or something, so Caroline took him to the ER while the rest of us ate dinner.

She called later and said the DR could not see him for 4 FREAKIN HOURS!! Well we decided Shawn would take Mark and the baby down to the ER so the baby could nurse and Kloey would stay with us. Well while they were trying to get out the door, we found an ant infestation in Hugo's crib (GROSS)!!, had to clean, vacuum, spray, wash the sheets, etc. Then while I was trying to make him a bottle he decided to put a dishwasher soap tablet in his mouth and it exploded. He got a whole mouthful of the dry dishwasher soap. YUCK! I quickly called our favorite pharmacist (Marks dad Dale) who told us as long as he didn't throw up and he is breathing fine, we could just give him a big cup of milk and put him to bed. We just have to watch for some major diarrhea to come! (I can hardly wait for that....)

Well anyways, the boys left and we were fine. But come to find out, Braiden's arm is broken all the way through. He had to go into orthoscopic surgery and got the bone set and pins put in his arm. Then in a couple weeks they will take the pins out and put a cast on. I feel so horribly bad that the poor boy got his arm broken at our house.

It was a crazy night! I am glad that we have such good friends that don't sue us or something :) I hear he is doing fine now though, I sure hope so!


Chantal said...

Poor guy! Braden is so well behaved I hope his arm recovers quick.
Don't feel too bad, it could have happened anywhere.

Derek, Kellyn and Camden said...

Wow! One thing after another. Isnt that how it always goes :) Hey, what wont kill ya will make you stronger? Maybe he'll have cool battle wounds to brag about.

Jeff, Chelsea & Rustin said...

Ouch that is a crazy night! Hope he heals soon!

Chazilyn and Patrick said...

Oh WOW!!!! I can't believe all of that happened!!!!! I hope the little guy's okay! :(
oh p.s.
I LOVE YOUR NEW BLOG! I haven't been on in a while, and it's SOOO CUTE!!!