Sunday, September 21, 2008

Flowers and Wreaths

Heather and I had another couple of fun days crafting. We made some super cute wreaths together and went shopping for some fall decorations.

Lacy had fun making her own wreaths for Mimi and Grandma. She decided all on her own to make it for them. She made one for Mimi then said, I need another one for Grandma. So thoughtful!

Then on Friday we went and bought some flowers to go in the lovely flower pots from Kim (thanks Kim, you are awesome!). The most awesome Lady from my mom's ward gave us some patio furniture and some flower pots. I also know Mark and Caroline got a brand new TV entertainment center. I can't wait to see it up in their house!
We did the potting in our house because Friday was a super HOT day. We did it by the back door then swept it out when we were done. True Arizona style!
Lacy is so happy she finally gets to use her watering can she got from the prize bag for being so good!

as for this last picture... its just so adorable. I can never leave my little Hugo out. He is doing so good at walking. He now can walk clear across the room. Its adorable, we will work on getting it on tape this week. Be excited... because its so dang cute!


Chantal said...

Yes the patio furniture is beautiful. such nice friends, and the flowers are lovley.

Blonde doesn't Equal Dumb! said...

Jenny- I love it! It looks so Pretty, man I got to get more Crafty like you!:)

brownymama said...

It all looks great Jenny! So sad that I'm missing all the fun! ):
Love ya!

brownymama said...

I just got caught up on the rest of your blog! You've been awfully busy. Hope Shawn is okay! Koby and Billy LOVE their Star Wars Masks!!!! We're so glad you made it up for his baptism!

Deanna said...

Sorry- I haven't commented in awhile BUT I am catching up. LOVE THESE WREATHS!!! How fun