Friday, September 19, 2008

Mr. Handyman!

I know, I know. I've done it once before- told the embarassing stories about my husband trying to be "Mr. Fix-it"... well here's another one for the books. He actually wasn't trying to fix anything this time, but just trying to be handy. He had put a bunch of boxes in the attic a while back (with out my say!) and I had no idea what he had put up there. Well he put some boxes up there that I actually get into on a regular basis. One is a box full of purses and bags. I like to have them handy so I can rotate. Sometimes you need a bigger bag, sometimes smaller, sometimes a backpatch, or a clutch... Come on women, you know what I mean. Well when shawn got home from work yesterday I asked him if he could climb into the attic and get me this box (or at least the bag I was looking for) He agreed, after some grumbling, and climbed right up there. He was only up there for a split second when I had this feeling that I should move to where the was no noise above me. The second I turned to take a step, Shawn fell through the attic and landed right where I was standing. I didn't see it because I had litterally just stepped over. He landed right on his feet... but we were both covered in dusty crap, and his arms were scraped up pretty bad. He's so tough though, he took it like a man and hopped right back up, got bandaged, and watched the kids while I went to mutual. What a good hubby.
I am just so greatful for the spirit leading and guiding and being a constant companin to give you those little thoughts in your mind like, "Move out of the Way!"
I love my hubby so much and I am so glad he is so strong and tough, and landed on his feet!!

Heathers first question was, "well did he at least get the bag?" the answer is, no... but all I need now is a ladder and I can get it my self by just putting the ladder up to the huge hole he left me! Way to think the glass is "half full" right?


Jeff, Chelsea & Rustin said...

Oh my heck that is so crazy and scary. Ya good thing you moved cause you woulld have been crushed! I am glad you both were okay!

Chantal said...

Oh wow is he ok..still..Did he fall through the day wall?
It nice feeling when you realise that you listened to the spirit and were blessed.