Monday, June 16, 2008

Fun times in HB

While in California we also had some FUN! All Shawn's family was there with the exception of Adelia who is due to have a baby any minute and her little boy Jayden. We all had such a blast. All of us who have kids stayed at an awesome beach house. TJ and Alex, Ryan and Krista and their 4 kids and Shawn and I with our 2. One of the mornings we went down to Balboa Island and walked up and down the shops. This is one of every ones favorite things to do when we are in HB. The girls all got to make cute bracelets in one of the shops, and one of every ones favs was the BALBOA BARS!! A big chunk of vanilla ice-cream dipped in chocolate coating that hardens. Before it hardens you get to dip it in some kind of topping. They have oreo's, sprinkles, cinnamon, heath, peanuts, and lots more (of course I chose the one that had it all mixed together) it was actually my first time having one. YUMMM!!
We also went to the swap meet, had a BBQ on the beach, went to the Farmers Market down on Main Street, had a beautiful Fathers Day breakfast, and lots more. I lost my camera (AHHH, thats the worst thing ever!) so all my pictures are from my camera-phone. I hope to find it soon or to get everyone else's pictures.

All in all we had so much fun in Huntington Beach.

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