Thursday, June 5, 2008

Jam-Packed Post

So far this summer, we have been having a lot of fun! We have been doing a lot of swimming, trying to keep cool in this heat. Lacy is in swim lessons with some of her friends in the ward- Cameron, Carson, and Kennedy. We have such a great ward and I have way more friends than I have had in any other ward, I LOVE MY WARD!! Anyways Lacy is finally getting over being scared (with the help of some bribery) and she is doing great! Her teacher is also so much fun- she is from Austrailia and they all love her accent! She is way good at her job, we are lucky to have found her!
We got to show off some of her great swimming skills when her cousins were in town. One night at Mimi and Papa's pool she even went with out floaties at all (sorry, i didn't get pictures!)
I am also finally posting pictures of Hugo's painted helmet. The top pics are the first time I painted it, I took that one off right away, I wasnt too pleased. The bottom ones was the second time I painted it. Everyone loved the superman- I took it off because it started to chip, that one was on for a couple weeks. It is now painted for the third time and I havent taken pictures yet, they will come soon!
Okay... one last story, I promise!! I have talked about my Grandpa before and how sweet he is and how much Lacy loves him. Well while the Jones' were here the kids all loved going to see Grandpa-Grandpa and getting gingersnaps. We were all dying laughing this one day when Brian, Katie, Lacy and Israel went to get cookies and all of them rode away on their bikes or scooters with the cookies hanging out of their mouth happy as can be! It was a sight to see, we tried to re-inact the whole thing and although the pictures are cute, the first time was priceless!!


Kyle said...

Cute pictures! I love Hugo's are so creative!

Kyle said...
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Lauren R said...

I love your grandpa! He is so sweet! That is too cute. And the helmet is great! Man, you do look like you are having a blast so far this summer! Swimming lessons are a great idea, especially in AZ where there are so many pools. You are a great mom!

andrea said...

That's so great that you love your ward. I love the helmet by the way, you are talented!

Whitehorn Family said...

The helmet is great!!! love the color and superman symbol.
I love hearing about your grandpa and the neat memories Lacy will have of him when he gets older.

Melissa said...

Sounds like your summer is off to a great start! Swimming and cookies... It doesn't get much better than that!
I just caught up on your other posts that I've missed and it totally took me a min to realize that was not Shawn's face in the cement. I love the Office, but have missed a few- that must have been one I missed. Too funny. And yes- I love LOST too. I miss it. I can't wait till I can see it again......"That's what she said".
Opps! Wrong show. :)