Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Is it just me??

Is it just me or does crap like this always happen when your house is perfectly clean?? (Refer to last post.) Yesterday I was all excited to get my laundry done from our little mini-vacation, and after 1 1/2 loads my washer started to freak out. and it took a load including both Lacy and Hugo's "special blankies" hostage!! It would start and run, but it wouldn't drain. Since it wouldn't drain the door wouldn't unlock (we have a front loading washer) because all the water would run out! AHHH, what a mess! Well my Mr. Handyman husband came home from swimming with the kids at his parents to try and help me out. He ended up flooding the laundry room and the garage, cutting his hand pretty badly and NOT getting it fixed! He went to bed all flustered and irritated, and I went to bed wondering if all the laundry was going to get ruined from being wet for so long- dang mildew! Kelly called me in the morning to see if it was fixed, and since it wasn't he came to the rescue. Once again I had a flodded laundry room and no fix! He was kind enough to at least get the laundry out and let me bring it to his house to wash and dry (I LOVE having them as neighbors!!) Then tonight at 11:30 Shawn's dad was over trying to fix the sprinklers (arent we a mess?) and I enlisted in his help to try and fix the washer while Shawn was at soccer. Welll... one more time with the flooding laundry room you think they would get the hint... ITS NOT THE HOSES PEOPLE!! He finally gets the brilliant idea to take the washer to the back yard as to keep the water from draining all over my house. Needless to say, the washer is FINALLY fixed and the culprit of all this disaster?? One half of a measley, hairy, soggy, freakin toothpick in the pump!! Thanks so much Papa, Shawn and Kelly all for helping fix my washer! 1:19, the washer is put back, Papa has headed home... its time for bed!!
after some pictures, of-corse!
Our tiny house is lacking storage so our laundry room usually doubles as a pantry. All this had to be taken out to be able to move and work on the washer.
This was the one load I actually got done yesterday before it broke. Shawn's mom came over to visit today and she folded the laundry while she was here- she's an angel!!
As is Heather who also walked over, 7 months prego in the blistering heat with a laundry basket full of my clean, neatly folded laundry (how did I marry into the nicest family ever!?!?!)
Get outta here, your makin a mess!!!
Thats much better, I dont care if my back porch gets all wet!
While they were fixing the washer Shawn asked me to go clean off his car so he doesn't go to work in the morning looking like a high-school kid with a crush... I'm dying to know who did it too, my guess is Lauren ??
I know I'm lookin like a disaster but mind you it was after midnight and I was trying to descretely get a picture of my marijuana smoking neighbors in the back ground. They are really nice people, Lacy thinks that one is a princess when she comes out in her full African attire.. but they sure do like their Mary Jane's.
I know, random picture, right? This is what I was doing when Papa got here- making birthday cards for the relief society sisters in the ward.
And the stupid toothpick that started it all... I'm never going to use a toothpick again!!! EVERRRR!!


Kyle said...

That totally stinks! Glad that its fixed now though!

Clarissa Jo Baxter said...

haha how could something so small make such a disaster! glad its fixed! :)

andrea said...

What an eventful day! At least it's fixed, maybe you should go hang out with your neighbors to relax and forget about all your stresses :) j/k that would be BAD!

brownymama said...

Whoa! You've had a busy few weeks! I'm sorry, but I couldn't help but laugh at all you were saying. Though I truly do feel for you. It was fun being together in HB! You are so amazing. All the sweet things you do.

Lauren R said...

It wasn't me! I'm in Utah. :-( I wish I was in AZ to do fun stuff to you guys though. Miss you!